How No-Code Apps Can Help You Launch A Mobile First Business

“If you don’t have the budget to hire an app development team, what do you do? Fortunately savvy entrepreneurs are looking to no-code platforms, like Appypie and others, to get their mobile first businesses off the ground.

  • Lower costs
  • Faster time to market
  • Reduce opportunity cost
  • Minimal training needed
  • Easy to manage, update, and iterate”

Vendors include:

  1. Budibase
  2. Zapier
  3. IFTTT
  4. Airtable
  5. Typeform
  6. Shopify
  7. Webflow
  8. Carrd
  9. Payhere
  10. Stripe
  11. Memberstack
  12. Voiceflow

AI and Android App Development Make Enterprise Mobile App Smarter in 2019

“The search engine behemoth Google has transformed its strategy from ‘Mobile First’ into ‘AI First’, and released Google AI tools. Android app developers can utilize these tools to make high-end mobile applications for corporate clients. Here we go through a few major AI factors that can take the Android app development process to the next level. Let’s start with the most obvious feature.

Face Detection

Image Labeling

Landmark Detection

Text Recognition



Smart Reply”

Gartner: 5 Technology Shifts including Mobile & AI

This is a really interesting paper from Gartner on 5 technology shifts that they anticipate by 2020. Here are a couple of my favorite points.
– 20% of brands will abandon their mobile apps by 2019
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
– Virtual agents will participate in a majority of commercial interactions by 2020

This link will take you to the full PDF Predicts 2017: Marketers, Expect the Unexpected