The future of mobile AI

“In “Women leading the future of mobile AI,” a video series sponsored by Qualcomm Technologies, MIT Technology Review CEO Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau explores the latest AI advances on software tools, mobile platforms, and algorithmic advancements with five women experts, all determined to make AI performance and power efficiency a reality.”

Apple’s iPhone 9 release next month has reportedly been canceled

“Apple’s iPhone 9 was expected to be unveiled in late March ahead of a release in stores in early April.

A new report says Apple’s release plans for the iPhone 9 have changed because of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, and the device will not be announced or released anytime soon.

The iPhone 9’s release date has supposedly been pushed back to summer or fall, and the iPhone 12 release might be delayed by up to 2 months as well.”

This is What the Future of Financial Applications Looks Like

  • “The world now has over 2 billion active smartphone users and a grand total of over 25 millions apps have been downloaded to date.
  • Just as we saw a rise in DIY site building tools, we could see a future where more cash strapped entrepreneurs will turn to easy to use low-code app programming platforms to create fully functional apps.
  • There are lot of possibilities of AL and ML in mobile app development, some of which are already being used in industries like ecommerce, entertainment etc”

Consumer Goods, eCommerce Sales and Groupon

Sunil Rao, Global Head of Consumer Goods, Salesforce

Three ways consumer goods leaders are investing in the future

  • “Amazon’s reach has swept the industry: 68% of CG leaders think that consumers are more loyal to Amazon’s Marketplace than individual brands.
  • Retailers and brands are losing the battle for replenishment: Shoppers are choosing online marketplaces 47% for repeat purchases, ahead of retailers (34%) and brands themselves (20%).
  • Powerful private-label brands from the likes of Tesco, Hema, Costco, Amazon, and Walmart are soaring to new heights: In 2018, Costco’s Kirkland brand earned nearly $40 billion — an 11% increase from 2017 (and more sales than Campbell Soup, Kellogg’s, and Hershey combined).”

Commerce Dept: eCommerce Sales Jump 12.4 Pct In Q1

  • “The Commerce Department reported Friday (May 17) that eCommerce sales were up 12.4 percent from last year to $127.3 billion, measured in terms of non-seasonally-adjusted data.
  • And eCommerce sales have doubled through the past five years, noted Seeking Alpha, reaching a recent threshold last year of more than $500 billion.
  • Walmart stated that its eCommerce sales grew by 37 percent. Management said on the earnings call”

Groupon Celebrates 200 Million App Downloads

  • “Planned mobile improvements in 2019 include using Groupon’s proprietary data, machine learning and AI to improve discovery, relevance and service on the platform. Mobile is also a key enabler of Groupon’s booking and voucherless initiatives that make it easier for people to use their Groupons.”

Bank of America bets digital transformation can offset rising expenses elsewhere – ZDNet

Jackpot…this article on Bank of America is a goldmine of data for mobile, voice and digital. Use these numbers in your next business case pitch for capital funding.

  • “The bank said that it ended its first quarter with 27.1 million active mobile banking users, up 9 percent from a year ago, and digital sales were 27 percent of all consumer banking revenue.
  • The bank said that it ended its first quarter with 27.1 million active mobile banking users, up 9 percent from a year ago, and digital sales were 27 percent of all consumer banking revenue.
  • In addition, Bank of America said it had 5.4 million Zelle users, up 2.7 times from launch in June 2017.
  • Bank of America also recently launched Erica, an artificial intelligence platform that has 6.3 million users. 
  • 77% of our deposit transactions are now down through digital means.
  • Merrill Lynch, which has 60 percent of clients using an online or mobile platform across the company.”