How SMEs can emulate the success of Amazon through ecommerce personalisation

“So much so that it was recently reported that they (Amazon) have more than a 30% share of the UK’s ecommerce market.

Here are just a few of the practices of Amazon which can be emulated by SMEs through investment in an ecommerce personalisation platform.

  • Personal references – ‘Hello John’
  • Recently viewed – link to their recent browsing history
  • Intelligent search – predict what products their customers are searching for as soon as a letter is typed
  • Recommenders – recommend other products
  • Product Recommendation Types – bundling recommendations into many different types
  • Cross selling and upselling – suggests additional purchases”

How SMEs can emulate the success of Amazon through ecommerce personalisation

Anticlimax: Monetate, Pa. retail-software maker that drew $46M from hopeful investors, bought by Texas competitor

  • “Monetate, a Conshohocken-based company whose software personalizes online shopping for customers, announced Thursday that it is being acquired by Kibo, a Dallas-based rival.
  • Kibo, which employs about 265 people, provides cloud-based software for online commerce. In February, it acquired Certona, a recommendation engine that also uses AI to streamline e-commerce sales. Kibo’s client base includes about 600 business-to-business and consumer retailers and brands, according to the company.”

Stephen R. Collins

CEO Monetate

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Landscape of Digital Marketing

    • “Reportedly, brands who have recently adopted AI for marketing strategy, predict a 37 percent reduction in costs along with a 39 percent increase in revenue figures on an average by the end of 2020 alone.
    • According to a 2019 study by Forrester and Albert, only 26% of marketers are making use of autonomous AI, while 74% take a more manual approach with assistance from AI.”

    Facebook’s new artificial intelligence can help you dress more fashionably

    “Facebook might soon be able to improve your fashion sense.

    The company is currently experimenting with AI to create an initiative (titled ‘Fashion ++’) which, rather than recommending entire overhauls of your outfit, would make small suggestions about what could be improved.”

    Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce

    “A recommender system is a good approach to bring a new degree of personalization to the e-commerce sector. AI techniques build a correlation between the present demand and the upcoming demand. Learning product recommendation techniques promise to deliver product results your shoppers will likely want and get.”