Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce

“A recommender system is a good approach to bring a new degree of personalization to the e-commerce sector. AI techniques build a correlation between the present demand and the upcoming demand. Learning product recommendation techniques promise to deliver product results your shoppers will likely want and get.”

Online Grocery Recommendations Are Lacking. 3 Young Entrepreneurs Have Created an AI-Powered Solution

Image credit: Courtesy of Halla

  • “Only about 3 percent of all food purchases are made through the internet, according to a report by Deutsche Bank
  • according to a 2017 Salesforce study, which said that recommendations drove 24 percent of orders and 26 percent of revenue.
  • Halla is an artificial intelligence-powered platform that leverages machine learning to provide food recommendations that actually make sense.”

eBay Wants You to Know It Uses Artificial Intelligence

  • “Chief Architect and Vice President of eBay AI and Platforms Sanjeev Katariya said AI is woven into all aspects of its platform and touches every experience within eBay.
  • “We have over two decades of data and customer insights that we use to train our algorithms and make our AI smarter,” Katariya said. “Every time a user interacts with the marketplace, the AI learns and provides feedback so we can create a better experience.The advances have been accelerated by developments in deep learning that allows us — and others — to make longer strides in how we process data.”
  • Of particular interest to sellers: eBay is using artificial intelligence in search, personalization, recommendation systems, and insights and discovery – as well as computer vision, machine translation, and natural language processing.
  • “AI has become the key to understanding buyer behavior and removing friction to ensure we’re serving up the best experiences,” Katariya said.”

Scout – New ai Shopping App from Amazon

“Amazon hasn’t started promoting the site yet, but CNBC first reported on it this week, followed closely by Business Insider. The company is using its proprietary machine learning technology to absorb customers’ preferences — shoppers can like (thumbs up) or dislike (thumbs down) — and Amazon’s artificial intelligence responds by showing other products based on their choices. The site is currently accessible via and on the Amazon App as well.”