Video: Chris McBride (TWEC) on 18% conversion improvement with Sentient Ascend

I discovered this case study and customer testimonial that was developed by Sentient Ascend and wanted to share.


  • Chris McBride
  • GM eCommerce
  • Trans World Entertainment
  • Online sales of music and videos
  • Company has used Optimizely in the past but was interest in running many tests with a limited staff and tried Ascend
  • Results
    • Test with 77,760 possible candidates
    • Produced 18% conversion improvement

    AI Vendor Research: Sentient

    I’ve begun to research different AI vendors and I thought I’d share my findings.

    Vendor: Sentient
    Offices: San Francisco & Hong Kong
    Key Products:
    1) Sentient Aware – Uses artificial intelligence to power an entirely new relationship between you and your customers. Understanding your product catalog at a deep and uncanny level, using both visual and data signals, Aware analyzes user actions in real time and matches their intent against your catalog.
    2) Sentient Ascend – Is a conversion rate optimization solution that uses evolutionary algorithms to accelerate your testing 10-100X or more, finding winning designs faster.
    Articles about Sentient:
    Articles written by Sentient:
    9 Predictions for AI in 2017by Babak Hodjat, Co-founder and chief scientist, Sentient Technologies
    How AI is Transforming Retail for the Better by Andy Narayanan, Vice President of Intelligent Commerce, Sentient Technologies
    ANTOINE BLONDEAU, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer LinkedIn Profile

    BABAK HODJAT, Co-founder and Chief Scientist LinkedIn Profile

    Game-changing impact of AI plus Growth Marketing

    During my time at Facebook I learned about the power of Growth Marketing. In fact, I was astonished by the amount of impact that can be generated by a single Growth Marketing professional. That said, they have been traditionally limited by the manual speed at which they can implement and analyze their tests. Artificial intelligence combined with the knowledge and expertise of a skilled Growth Marketer is a game-changing evolution.
    – bmcgee
    This is a really interesting post by Ben Davis titled, “Could AI kill off the conversion optimisation consultant?
    One area where machine learning would seem a good fit is conversion rate optimisation (CRO). The assumptions of marketers are often confounded by A/B or multivariate testing, so allowing your website to quietly tweak itself based on machine learning would seem to make sense.

    And, who’d have thought it, there are companies offering this very product – a SaaS-based CRO solution that uses AI. Sentient Technologies launched a product (called Sentient Ascend) in September 2016. “