Verishop from Imran Khan

Verishop –

“Imran Khan, who spent three years at Snap (ie SnapChat) as chief strategy officer, has created a new retail company, Verishop, which aims to “bring joy back to online shopping, and do it at scale with the ease of online purchasing and fast delivery we’ve all come to expect.” Well, Verishop has officially launched, providing new evidence for how to take on Amazon.”

20 New Tools from Social Media Platforms

“By following the launches and updates of social media platforms, merchants can discover new ways to reach customers and prospects.

Here is a list of recent updates from social media platforms. There are tools for interactive video, customer service, analytics, artificial intelligence, visual search, and shoppable images.


New features in Google My Business app.

Google has revamped its My Business app. It now features a new “customers” tab for businesses to see followers, reviews, and messages in one place. A new “for you” tab displays posts from businesses a user follows. Users can also use the message button on Google Maps and Google Search to reach out directly to businesses, which in turn can respond directly via the app.”