Avoid a Black Friday, Cyber Monday Disaster With Intelligent Testing | E-Commerce | E-Commerce Times

“Over the five days from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday 2018, 165 million shoppers spent more than US$300 each, on average

A failure during this period would be devastating, bringing bad headlines and loss of revenue, and probably losing valuable future custom. So, how do you avoid these pitfalls? The answer is to ensure your site is completely bombproof and can handle the surge in load without a problem.

  • Stress Testing
  • API-Based Stress Testing
  • Session-Based Testing
  • Intelligent Testing
  • Complex User Journeys
  • Cloud-Based Testing
  • Intelligent Stress Testing”


AI may help deliver the UX we’ve been waiting for- ZDNET.com

Photo: Joe McKendrick

  • “A recent survey of design professionals by Adobe finds more than half, 62%, expressed interest in AI and machine learning and what they add to the creative process. AI and machine learning will have a “democratizing effect on creativity” in applications and products.
  • Eliminates one-sided testing approaches. “AI deals with the A/B testing, which considers a majority of votes rather than individual opinion,” says Morgan.
  • AI applies user behaviors. “AI algorithms simplify and ease out the process of improvised user experience by utilizing the information derived to revise user behaviors,” says Morgan. ‘This settles down in more personalized designs that are able to provide, the better individual user experience.'”


Digital Operative Partners with Sentient

With the addition of Ascend to its suite of strategic partners, Digital Operative is now able to implement AI-based CRO tests, an alternative to A/B and multivariate solutions, which will facilitate increased revenue and conversions for clients. Ascend allows marketers to test multiple hypotheses on a website, from small changes like the color of a button to large-scale design and user experience (UX) modifications, and Ascend’s AI evolves the optimal combination of these modifications to achieve the best conversion and revenue results. Features of Ascend include: 
  • The ability to set up multiple experiments at once
  • Single page or multiple page testing options
  • Single page application support
  • The ability to test dozens of ideas, and thousands or even millions of page designs, over a short period of time
  • The discovery of unexpected interactions between elements based on AI, and not on human intellect