Artificial Intelligence in Banking: More Hype Than Reality

“Unfortunately, while there is virtually no question of the benefits of data and AI for the benefit of the consumer, the vast majority of deployment by legacy organizations still focuses on cost reduction and productivity and/or risk management. While these use cases certainly help financial institutions meet quarterly financial goals and protect against losses from fraud, the consumer rarely feels any personal benefit.”

Think you can tell a human from a robot? Here are some of the smartest chatbots that have conversations

  • “The chatbot market size is projected to jump from $2.6 billion in 2019 to $9.4 billion by 2024 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29.7%.”

“Here are some of the smartest chatbots you can talk to:

  • Faketalk Chatbot – Learn more about Faketalk.
  • Zo Chatbot – Learn more about Zo.”
  • Visit link below for full list

When that ‘AI company’ isn’t really an AI company – TechCrunch

  • “While machine learning and related technologies are now frequently employed, it’s less common that it’s central to a company’s strategy and IP.
  • Just consider the following points warning signs — if you hear these terms, dig a little deeper to find out exactly what the company does.
  • “Our machine-learning powered _,” “our proprietary AI,” “leverages machine learning…” all basically mean the same thing: AI is involved somewhere along the line.”

When that ‘AI company’ isn’t really an AI company

Amazon Is Testing an AI Chatbot That Generates Original Dialogue in Real Time

  • “Amazon is testing what may be the first commercial customer service chatbot to produce wholly original dialogue in real time using recent breakthroughs in AI language generation.
  • The randomized testing currently encompasses two types of interactions: return refund status requests and order cancellations.
  • Each of Amazon’s models are trained on data that spans 5 million conversation-response pairs culled from 350,000 past interactions”

A team of Imagineers will discuss Disney’s tech breakthroughs at TC Sessions: Robotics + AI, March 3 at UC Berkeley

“The trio have been working on using advancements in technology to enhance rides at the park, blending physical trackless vehicles with other physical and virtual tools to transport riders both figuratively and literally. The team will discuss their latest breakthroughs in the space and the applications such technologies will have in entertainment and beyond.”