ai eCommerce News – Sept 27

“Ajay Kashyap, co-founder, told ET, “The engagement revenue has increased by 40% in terms of topline impact with the new version of our product and we will be working on taking this upto 60% soon.” Over the course of this year, will also look at expanding operations to one more country – it is in the process of finalizing which one—and add more features to its existing product.”
“More retailers are turning to artificial intelligence to help shoppers find clothes that fit their bodies, budgets, and personal styles. As one of today’s hottest technology trends, AI translates vast volumes of retail data into rich, actionable insights so executives can make smart decisions faster.
Whether a shopper’s look is casual chic, vintage-inspired, or haute couture, AI lets them perform easy product searches to find exactly what they’re looking for. For example, AI can help individual shoppers find the perfect pair of jeans by tracking their sales history, online browsing, and Instagram likes to provide a seamless shopping experience.

Here are seven examples of how AI innovations make life easier for fashion companies and fashionistas alike.”

AI Vendor Research: Unbxd

Vendor: Unbxd
Headquarters: Mountain View, CA & Bangalore, India
Key Product:
Machine Learning Site Search & Merchandising
Product Recommendations
Articles about Unbxd:
Express, Ashley Homestore, HSN, Bed/Bath/Beyond, rue21
Pavan Sondur, CEO & Co-Founder, LinkedIn Profile
Prashant Kumar, Founder, LinkedIn Profile
Case Studies / Data:

Unbxd offers a Site Search Speed Test Report and a Free Commerce Search Study to analyze your customer experience.

AI Vendor Research: cloud.IQ

Vendor: cloud.IQ
Headquarters: London with an office in Sydney, Australia
Key Product:
They don’t appear to have a single primary product. Instead, they promote solutions for:
Site Analytics: siteAnalyser
On-site Remarketing: visitCapture, exitCapture, basketReminder
Off-site Remarketing: targetMail, cartRecovery
Optimisation: AnalyticsIQ, A/B Testing, Basket Rebuild, App Integration
Articles about cloud.IQ:
Articles by cloud.IQ:
Recommendations from: Space.NK, Fitness SuperStore, Qbic Hotels
Clients Listed: Samsung, Hearst Magazines, BOSE, more
James Critchley, CEO LinkedIn Profile
Paul Phillips, CTO LinkedIn Profile
Within the Insights page of their site cloud.IQ shares the impact numbers that they have been able to generate for their clients:
Fitness Superstore = Online revenue +5.05%
Snow + Rock = Recovered 13% lost sales
Qbic = Online revenue +12.27%

Alpine Elements = Online revenue +4%

AI Vendor Research: Likelihood

Vendor: Likelihood
Headquarters: San Francisco
Key Product: Intelligent Creative
“Step 1) Design Creative – Our web-based designer lets you add graphic elements from scratch, lay them out on a custom canvas, and then style them by hand or with help from our artificial intelligence tools.”
“Step 2) Make it Dynamic – Likelihood’s AI-powered platform lets you connect elements of your creative to any data source — like a product catalog or digital asset management system — to make each creative impression relevant to the shopper viewing it.”
“Step 3) Publish Creative – Wherever you publish a static image today, you can easily publish an intelligent creative there tomorrow.”
Articles about Likelihood:
Clients: The site doesn’t explicitly say that these companies are clients, but their content is on display on their “Gallery” page. It’s either a very impressive customer list or a little misleading.
Companies include: Ann Taylor, Crate & Barrel, Staples, Home Depot, Sunglass Hut, Macys, Saks Fifth Avenue
I’ll give Garrett and Rob points for humility. On the company site their pictures are on the third row with titles simply listed as “Technology” and “Business.” It took a little work digging on LinkedIn to determine the c-suite.
Garrett Wu, CTO & Founder, LinkedInProfile
Rob Seaman, CEO, LinkedInProfile

Leveraging AI to streamline, simplify and automate the development of creative.

AI Vendor Research: Boomtrain

Vendor: Boomtrain
Headquarters: San Francisco & India (Bengaluru, Karnataka)
Key Product Offerings:
  1. Marketing Automation – All communication across all channels
  2. Marketing Automation + Artificial Intelligence
  3. Enterprise Solutions – Fully customized AI driven marketing engine
A la carte offerings
  1. Onsite & In-App
  2. Messenger
  3. LightBox
Articles about Boomtrain:
Nick Edwards, CEO & Co-founder – LinkedIn Profile
Chris Monberg, CTO & Co-founder – LinkedIn Profile

5 Bleeding-Edge Brands That Are Infusing Retail With Artificial Intelligence Starbucks, Lowe’s and others roll out robots

5 Bleeding-Edge Brands…With AI is a terrific article by Lauren Johnson in AdWeek. This is my favorite quote, “This allowed us to condense six months to a year’s worth of testing into 30 days.”

Shoppers who use the AI tool convert more often than those who do not. And the average order value is ‘a mid double-digit percentage’ better for shoppers who use AI compared to average shoppers, says Cal Bouchard, The North Face’s vp of digital commerce and experience.”

“‘It is not a single algorithm that’s used across the entire population,’ Gerri Martin-Flickinger, evp and chief technology officer at Starbucks, told the audience during Starbucks’ Investor Day last month. ‘It’s actually a data-driven AI algorithm based on your own preferences, your own behavior as well as behaviors that we’re trying to drive.'”

3 ways artificial intelligence is transforming e-commerce

This is a really interesting article that takes a look at the convergence of eCommerce and Ai. The author references the key implementations of: Search, Personal Shopping and Data.
– bmcgee
“Where exactly will this impact be felt? Here are three key implementations of AI that will fundamentally change the face of e-commerce, bringing it many leaps closer to its optimal impact.
1. The search glitch – Arguably the biggest limitation in the e-commerce industry today is the burden placed on the consumer to choose and then fine-tune a keyword that accurately identifies or describes the product they want…”