16 Asia eCommerce Awards Winners, including Watsons and Domino’s Trust Insider for AI-Powered Growth

  • “On 15th December 2020, Watsons and Domino’s were announced as the winners of the Best Use of AI category at the third annual Asia eCommerce Awards.
  • Once identified, Watsons tackled cart abandonment with hyper-personalized campaigns that resulted in more than a 7 percent increase in average order value (AOV) over the last year.
  • Domino’s used Insider’s AI-led predictive features to segment users and highlight their best-selling products. As a result, they achieved a 35% increase in revenue and a 14% decrease in bounce rate.”


Domino’s AI-powered pizza scanners make sure its pies are the real deal

  • “Domino’s has introduced a new feature it says will help bridge this gap, leveraging artificial intelligence as a form of quality control before its pizzas are sent on their way.
  • ‘It does this by capturing an image of the pizza and using artificial intelligence to compare this data with a large dataset of correct pizzas, making a quick assessment.'”


Domino’s Just Delegated Phone Orders to Its Resident Chatbot

  • Domino’s just officially unveiled a method that could leverage the accuracy you get with technology without forcing people to go full digital if they don’t want to.
  • Its (his?) name is DOM, and while this chatbot-like being has been accepting orders online since 2014, this is the first time the AI-powered voice-recognition system will also be taking telephone calls.
  • Meanwhile, Domino’s CEO and President, J. Patrick Doyle, noted (in the same press release) that the company’s goal is to “one day be 100% digital.”
  • Currently, 65 percent of its U.S. sales are digital, and Domino’s is continually testing new concepts and ideas


Domino’s Looks To AI, Loyalty And ‘Fortressing’ For More Growth

“Now get ready for AI-based ordering, an idea that Domino’s executives touted on Thursday (Feb. 21) during the company’s Q4 post earnings conference call with investors.

Not only did the chain’s Piece of the Pie loyalty program contribute “meaningfully to our traffic gains” during the period, according to CFO Jeff Lawrence, that program is now being fortified by artificial technology — a move that demonstrates the technological progress being made in the QSR world.”


Domino’s Makes A Pizza Points Loyalty Play With AI

    • “To receive the promotion, diners download the QSR’s app and sign up for its rewards program. They can then use a “newly embedded pizza identification feature to scan their pizza” and earn 10 points from the company. Customers then redeem 60 points for a medium two-topping pizza at the restaurant chain. To make the promotion possible, the company’s digital analytics team made a tool using artificial intelligence (AI) that can spot a pizza in a photo. “We kept the definition broad, and we landed on an open-faced expression of sauce, cheese and crust,” Domino’s VP of Advertising Kate Trumbull told AdAge.
    • That effort came after former Domino’s Pizza CEO Patrick Doyle predicted more voice orders from customers and deliveries from autonomous cars. He said last year that ‘…over the next three to five years, I think you will see more and more people using natural voice to place orders, as opposed to thumbing things into their screens.'”


    Domino’s AR Pizza Chef Turns Visualization Into Ecommerce

    “In fact, Domino’s has traditionally been an early adopter of technology, integrating the latest gadgets into their marketing strategy. Hungry customers have been able to track their pizzas for a decade now. The brand introduced “Dom,” an AI pizza ordering assistant in 2014 and earlier this year, began testing it as a replacement for human phone orders.

    Other efforts have included a Facebook chatbot and its AnyWare initiative, which allows users to order a pizza just by texting a pizza emoji.”