Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Digital Marketing And For Good Reason!

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• “85% of the customer interactions will be managed without any human interaction. (Gartner)

• AI technology can help businesses increase the labor productivity by almost 40%. (Accenture)

• 83% of businesses who adopted AI technology before everyone else have driven either substantial (30%) or moderate (53%) economic benefits from AI projects. ( Deloitte)

• 47% of digitally mature organizations, or enterprises with advanced digital practices, claimed that they have implemented a defined AI strategy. (Adobe) 

• 77% of consumers are actually using AI platforms, whereas 33% think they use AI-powered technology. (Pega)

This post also illustrates all of the ways that AI is already impacting our daily lives through our interactions with: Netflix, Amazon, Levi, Disney, Spotify and Sephora.

It also outlines the AI applications from vendors such as: Klevu, Relay 24, Phrasee, Crisp and Pave AI.

To Wrap Up

With the revolution driven by big data and AI, the brands have unleashed a multitude of possibilities to know their customers better. Artificial Intelligence has blessed the businesses with predictive selling, informed buying, enhanced sales-cycle, and data-driven decision making.

Behind all the technological evolution in intelligent marketing, the main driving force is the objective of ensuring a great customer experience and this is going to be the silver bullet for businesses to thrive in the coming years as well.”

Levi’s generates more than $220 million in direct ecommerce sales

  • “Levi’s generated 4% of its revenue through its online stores in 2018
  • Direct ecommerce revenue grew 18% year over year in 2018, down from 22% in 2017.
  • The brand operates 43 websites in total and drew 180 million visits in 2018.
  • A past example is the “Ask Indigo” bot that used AI to help shoppers find the right style and fit.”

Levi Virtual Stylist + "Stop pretending you really know what AI is" (John Pavlus)

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“The virtual stylist, which is powered by and personalized fit data from TrueFit, provides the in-store expertise in the hands of every consumer.  It is built with the help of artificial intelligence.  Users are able to receive fashion advice throughout the site, on either their mobile devices or laptop.”
  • “Artificial intelligence (AI) is the general label for a field of study—specifically, the study of whatever might answer the question ‘What is required for a machine to exhibit intelligence?’”
  • “If that doesn’t sound very satisfying, the experts don’t disagree. ‘At this point, AI is an aspirational term reflecting a goal,’ Darrell says. What he means is that “AI” isn’t, technically speaking, a thing. It’s not in your phone. It isn’t going to eat the world or do anything to your job. It’s not even an “it” at all: It’s just a suitcase word enclosing a foggy constellation of “things”—plural—that do have real definitions and edges to them. All the other stuff you hear about—machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, what have you—are much more precise names for the various scientific, mathematical, and engineering methods that people employ within the field of AI.”
  • Great read…be sure to checkout his full post