Interactive 3D Facebook Chat Artificial Intelligence Tool Announced

  • “Emultily, a digital marketing agency specializing in social media strategies and resources, announced the launch of ChatterPal, an AI-based Facebook-like chat software allowing business owners and digital marketers to create personalized interactive chat characters according to their specific marketing and lead generation goals.
  • App users can choose from more than 40 life-like 3D characters, all of which can be branded with company logos, texts or pictures. The avatars are extremely varied and include males and females of various ethnicities, as well as animals and other non-human characters.”

The Future of AI-Assisted Social Media Marketing

  • “Social media platforms account for a massive 2.77 billion users and are accountable to the multitude of data they possess.
  • In 2018, Facebook acquired Bloomsbury AI to ramp up its NLP (Natural Language Processing) in order to combat fake news and tackle inappropriate content issues.
  • In 2017, Facebook bought Ozlo, an AI-based startup which claims to be the index of knowledge about the real world.
  • LinkedIn leverages AI to assist its members to better their profiles and help them tune their work experiences based on the industry suggestions.
  • In 2016, Twitter acquired Magic Pony Technology to add up AI force to Cortex, that wants to build the most advanced AI platform in the world to apply the most advanced AI algorithms to the most challenging datasets, effortlessly.

  • How Artificial Intelligence Can Empower Social Media Marketers
    1. AI-Assisted Content Creation
    1. Round-the-Clock Online Presence
    1. Automated Bidding”

    List of Artificial Intelligence Tools  for Personal Use

    Here’s just a snippet of the post. You’ll have to fight through what appears to be a New York City – Times Square site design but I haven’t seen this much content consolidated in this way.

    “Personal / In-Home
    Ems–  helps you find the perfect place to live
    Bridge Kitchen -  kitchen assistant for turn-by-turn directions in the kitchen
    UnifyID– verify your identity by the way you walk, type and sit

    Carly– helps you manage phone calls
    ETCH–  helps you manage your networks into a searchable database
    Findo –  Your smart search assistant across email, files &personal cloud
    Leap –  recommends companies to apply for based on your skills
    Lomi –  identifies sales leads
    Mosaic –  helps you write better resumes
    Newton– helps you find a dream job
    Notion– helps with email overload, organisation and communication
    Robby–  a better and smarter calendar
    Stella– scans for jobs and helps manage your application process
    Woo –  helps you make smarter decision for your career, anonymously
    Aloe–  replaces your notes books, diary and meeting preparation material
    Wade&Wendy–  your career advisor – browser widget that helps you learn about people your emailing”