Why Data Annotation is the Secret to Hacking AI

Michael Goldberg, VP of Marketing at Innodata

  • “What enterprises really need as they develop their AI strategy is to integrate, clean, link, and supplement their data so they have an accurate foundation on which to build and train their machine learning algorithms.
  • “Data-related challenges are a top reason (our) clients have halted or canceled artificial-intelligence projects,” said IBM’s senior vice president of cloud and cognitive software, Arvind Krishna,
  • 80% of AI project time is currently spent on data preparation.


Will There Be An AI Productivity Boom?

  • “Many of the canonical superstar firms such as Google and Facebook employ relatively few workers compared to their market capitalization” because “their market value is based on intellectual property and a cadre of highly-skilled workers.”
  • How will AI contribute to a boom? Perhaps it will happen indirectly, a process of “trickle-down” productivity, as ordinary firms adopt the AI technologies provided by Google and Microsoft and Amazon in the cloud.”


Chatbots Can Make as Many Sales as Humans

  • “Chatbots can match the performance of proficient human salespeople—or outperform inexperienced ones fourfold—but only when customers are unaware they are conversing with artificial intelligence.
  • They found that the customers tended to grow curt when informed upfront of the bot’s presence, and that such disclosures led to an 80% drop in sales.
  • The paper raises a moral dilemma for businesses looking to deploy chatbots.”


Illustration: Trent Joaquin; Source: Pixabay

AI Powers Citizens Bank’s New Millennial-Focused Rebranding Campaign

  • “Big regional takes a chance by ditching a safe but boring brand message for a young vibe and inclusive theme. New tagline “Made Ready” plays to modern consumers’ nonlinear life journeys and the institution’s AI-enhanced ability to meet their needs.
  • “Today, people move out, but then they move back; maybe they’re in the gig economy and have a second job. Maybe they’re thinking about upsizing, then downsizing,” Johnson continues. “We see the same thing with our business clients. They are having to cope with a great deal of turmoil in the world today.”


Beth Johnson, Citizens Bank’s CMO and Head of Virtual Channels


Interview: JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon on AI, the cloud and the bank’s big bet on Seattle tech

  • “Jamie Dimon spoke with GeekWire via phone about the future of artificial intelligence in the financial sector; what he has learned from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos; and what made him change his mind about the cloud.
  • Jamie Dimon: The cloud and AI are real, huge, powerful and they’re going to change a lot for us.
  • if you’re a developer, you’re going to see the stuff you do immediately affecting 50 million households. We move $6 trillion a day around the world.
  • Cheaper, better, faster, integrated. AI will be part of the journey. The easiest parts are obviously risk, fraud, underwriting. AI will be enormous. It will be enormous for idea generation.”