BBVA Insights adds a self-driving dimension to online and mobile banking

“‘BBVA Insights is an exciting functionality that we are delivering to BBVA USA customers in mobile and online,’ said BBVA USA Head of Retail Customer Solutions Manolo Moure. ‘With BBVA Insights, customers can let AI-powered technology do the driving, with proactive insights that are automatically created when their linked accounts show activity that doesn’t fit their usual patterns. Customers will be better able to manage their financial health without additional heavy lifting.’”

Understanding The AI/E-Commerce Connection In The Age Of Socially-Distanced Retail

  • “‘You can have all the data in the world but if you’re not using it to your advantage or using it in the right way, it’s a waste of time, effort & money. The most successful companies are the ones who know how to utilize their data most efficiently.’
  • With regards to the biggest shift in e-commerce in 2021, there is currently a lot of focus on “headless” approaches to e-commerce sites right now including the concept of using specialized software for powering the customer-facing experience.
  • ‘Some technologies and approaches to ‘headless e-commerce’ can completely remove the load time from the site,’ says Raushenbush.
  • ‘There’s a lot of amazing things that ecommerce platforms are developing to make the success of small brands possible.’”

KanKan AI Deploying its Digital Marketing Platform at Large Commercial Bank in China

  • “One of the largest commercial banks in China chose KanKan AI to upgrade 150 branches servicing approximately 1.8 million banking customers in the Sichuan Province.
  • ‘With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, commercial banks and financial institutions have ceased most of their offline marketing activities. Branch managers have realized the pressing need to integrate omnichannel marketing strategies and provide a unified intelligent marketing platform,’”

How Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we search and find online

  • “The customer searching online tries to make their query as accurate and intelligent as possible while the search engine simply responds by sharing everything it knows, but without actually answering the question. AI by contrast can spot what the customer intends and gives answers based on that intent, depending where an individual shopper is in their own personal buying journey.
  • By ensuring that their search strategy is underpinned by AI, retailers can then introduce more dynamic search enablers, such as visual and voice. But rather than simply adding commands, the customer is able to hold conversations with the digital assistant using natural language. Search then turns into discovery and it is this that leads to higher customer conversions, repeat visits and long-term loyalty.”

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Octane AI Launches Shoppable Quiz, Enabling Ecommerce Brands to Create Personalized, Consultative Online Shopping Experiences

  • “‘We are creating a better way to shop online. The Octane AI Shoppable Quiz enables brands to get to know the needs, preferences, and concerns of each customer, and then uses this information to build a relationship where the right products and information can be shown at the right times.’
  • Interactive content like quizzes have proven to be critical to the ecommerce customer journey, with 77% of marketers saying they provide value with a high amount of engagements that result in repeat visitors.”