AI in marketing: How to find the right data sources

“Machine learning and AI now has a variety of use cases in marketing. The CMO Survey 2019 lists the following as top uses of AI in marketing:

• Content personalization

• Predictive analytics for customer insights

• Targeting decisions

• Customer segmentation

• Programmatic advertising and media buying

• Improving marketing ROI by optimizing marketing content and timing

• Conversational AI for customer service

• Next best offer

• Augmented and virtual reality

• Autonomous objects / systems

• Facial recognition and visual search

• Biometrics”

Singapore Airlines to offer AI-enabled features to 20m passengers

“In essence, Singapore Airlines can now create a 360-degree view of each customer and optimize its full-funnel multichannel customer experience. Using the latest AI technologies, Insider’s Growth Management Platform will enable Singapore Airlines to deliver highly personalized, meaningful experiences to each individual based on historical, real-time and predictive data.”

Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce

“A recommender system is a good approach to bring a new degree of personalization to the e-commerce sector. AI techniques build a correlation between the present demand and the upcoming demand. Learning product recommendation techniques promise to deliver product results your shoppers will likely want and get.”

Nike Plans to Get More Personal With Customers by Acquiring AI Startup

“Celect was founded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professors Devavrat Shah and Vivek Farias in 2013, and has helped many retailers “optimize inventory” through data collection and machine learning. According to its website, past clients include Urban Outfitters, Lucky Brand and Aldo, among other major retail brands.”

Devavrat Shah