Using AI to Build More Personal Customer Connections

  • “It almost seems counterintuitive: Automation is required to do more ‘human-focused’ marketing? In a word, yes.
  • The reality is that empathy happens when brands tap into an individual customer’s wants and motivations continually, connecting with them on a deeper level than just a one-off exchange.
  • Brands learned they need to see the world from their customer’s eyes and treat every action as part of a growing relationship, not a series of transactional exchanges.”

How Artificial Intelligence Has Transformed The eCommerce World

  • “Artificial intelligence is sweeping through the eCommerce sector. In fact, marketers report that there’s been a 186% increase in AI adoption since 2018.
  • 79% of organizations say that marketing and sales AI has increased revenue for their companies.
  • Artificial intelligence also helps eCommerce companies to offer better customer service. For example, 51% of marketers are using social listening to get quickfire information about the conversations that influence their target audiences.
  • For example, 15% of companies are using AI to optimize yield, energy, or throughput in manufacturing, while 12% are using it for predictive maintenance.
  • Here are some of the most influential ways that AI has transformed eCommerce in recent years.
  1. Sentiment analysis
  2. Multi-channel personalization
  3. Customer service chatbots
  4. Dynamic pricing
  5. Retargeting adverts
  6. Assembly line optimization
  7. Risk management”

Young Brazilians prefer AI over humans for e-commerce advice

  • “80% of Brazilian consumers buying goods or services online would accept recommendations from an AI-driven system to support their decision making, while 20% are happy to fully delegate the choice to the platform.
  • When it comes to Brazilians who frequently shop online, the percentage of those who would delegate the choice to an AI robot rises to 32%
  • 19% of the Brazilian e-commerce users polled said that there is more effort involved in interacting with human advisors”

BBVA Insights adds a self-driving dimension to online and mobile banking

“‘BBVA Insights is an exciting functionality that we are delivering to BBVA USA customers in mobile and online,’ said BBVA USA Head of Retail Customer Solutions Manolo Moure. ‘With BBVA Insights, customers can let AI-powered technology do the driving, with proactive insights that are automatically created when their linked accounts show activity that doesn’t fit their usual patterns. Customers will be better able to manage their financial health without additional heavy lifting.’”

Understanding The AI/E-Commerce Connection In The Age Of Socially-Distanced Retail

  • “‘You can have all the data in the world but if you’re not using it to your advantage or using it in the right way, it’s a waste of time, effort & money. The most successful companies are the ones who know how to utilize their data most efficiently.’
  • With regards to the biggest shift in e-commerce in 2021, there is currently a lot of focus on “headless” approaches to e-commerce sites right now including the concept of using specialized software for powering the customer-facing experience.
  • ‘Some technologies and approaches to ‘headless e-commerce’ can completely remove the load time from the site,’ says Raushenbush.
  • ‘There’s a lot of amazing things that ecommerce platforms are developing to make the success of small brands possible.’”