How AI Lets Retailers Like H&M Hyper-Personalize Their Ecommerce Experience

The North Face

“The popular outerwear brand has a chatbot on its website that recommends relevant products. Using mobile-optimized AI, it narrows down items based on a customer’s needs, which it determines based on a series of questions. At the end, only the most suitable items will be suggested for purchase.”

KPMG and Recommender Labs AI

“KPMG India has announced the aqui-hire of Mumbai-based AI-led decision-science services company Recommender Labs. With this, KPMG is poised to build its own Centre of Excellence (CoE) specialising in decision-science and AI-driven solutions. It will build unique assets, enable quick go-to-market, and build the ability to respond with AI-led offerings, by combining its capabilities with that of Recommender Labs.

Recommender Labs’ product offerings include:

  • Universal Recommender Engine, that helps identify and recommend best-fit products to customers in a retail scenario.
  • Chatbot Authoring Framework, a natural language processing chatbot offering decision-tree based conversations and frequenty-asked-questions bank.
  • Credit Risk Engine, helping identify potential defaulters from customers that have applied for lending products specifically catering to SMEs.
  • Recruitment Applications, helping augmented profiling through interactive mechanisms and offers insights on best-fit candidates.
  • Gamification Template, which offers mechanisms and engaging UX elements to capture and engage customers.”

Recommender Labs –



Bankers Expect AI To Make Your Financial Life More Personal

  • “96% of banking executives say the pace of innovation in their companies has quickened over the past three years.
  • Accenture survey, 85% of banking executives say digital demographics that are generated by how consumers interact with digital tools provide powerful new ways to serve customers.
  • Similarly, a large majority of banking executives (80%) say new technologies like AI will provide fresh ways to provide relevant financial advice to consumers.
  • about 10% of American adults are unbanked and many more are underbanked.”

In-vehicle Marketplace will be Available in 80 Percent of Premium Vehicles Sold by 2020, says Frost & Sullivan

Image Credit: Frost & Sullivan

  • “The likelihood of in-car ads converting to purchases of products and services is especially high in automated vehicles, which makes marketplace a scalable model,” said Suhas Gurumurthy,
  • “Connected car makers will be eager to build strategic partnerships with telecom providers and communication module makers to augment on-road safety and offer in-vehicle, data-rich services,” noted Gurumurthy.

Blueshift raises $15 million from Softbank for its AI customer engagement tools

  • “There’s merit to Blueshift’s approach. A recent report published by Forrester Research found that highly personalized, omnichannel marketing campaigns have the potential to generate four times more revenue and 18 times greater profits than static campaigns.
  • In practice, Interaction Graph enables marketing managers to manage email, push notifications, text messages, social media accounts, and webpages in one place, and to A/B test and optimize content in an automated fashion. Through Blueshift’s Personalization Studio dashboard, admins can segment users in real time by behavior (i.e., attributes and time frame) and demographic (names and IP addresses), all while proprietary algorithms tabulate predictive scores to identify which users have a high or low likelihood of completing various actions.
  • ‘Marketers need a system that was built ground up with AI,’ said Storm Ventures managing director Tae Hea Nahm. ‘Savvy digital marketers are starting to realize that AI Marketing requires a fundamentally different architecture. Like the early transition to SaaS and now to AI, incumbents will have a very hard time re-architecting their platform.'”