McDonald’s AI Drive-Thrus May Be Too Smart For Their Own Good

  • “One of the chain’s more intriguing new experiments with the use of cutting edge tech involves applying artificial intelligence (AI) to the drive-thru experience.
  • McDonald’s has been testing a solution that recognizes the license plate of a customer in the drive-thru and uses that information to provide AI-based recommendations of menu items
  • ‘There is a fine line between personalization and creepy and only consumers can define for themselves where that line exists,'”

3 eCommerce Brands That Nail Hyper-Personalization

“Hyper-personalisation is a marketing tactic which leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and third-party real-time data sources to enhance brand messaging with relevant, context-sensitive information. For example, an email may be personalised with the customer’s name, but it could then be hyper-personalised by dynamically changing its content depending on the receiver’s past purchase history, physical location or even the time of day when the email was opened. Ads, too, could be hyper-personalised with CRM data and in-store experiences with a shopper’s online behaviour.”

Acoustic: Lifting the burden of tech in marketing with AI

  • “One simple example is the use of machine learning to automatically identify different elements within content assets and then tagging them accordingly. Another is in anomaly detection, where AI is used to identify changes in metrics such as website traffic, opt out rates or bounce rates and raise alerts.
  • “This is going to be the disruptive trend within the marketing platform space for the next five years,” Henderson says. “It is going to be hugely transformative in terms of the marketer’s ability to deliver on that promise of creating great experiences and better matching the vision they have for what they are trying to do and the reality.”